Special Need Trusts

special-needsDo you need a Special Needs Trust? By definition, a Special Needs Trust is a trust that has been designed for beneficiaries who are physically or mentally disabled. The Trust is written to allow the beneficiary to enjoy the use of a property that isĀ held in trust for their benefit, while also allowing the beneficiary to receive any eligible and essential needs-based benefits from the state and federal government.

There are many advantages of using a trust to hold and manage property that is intended for the benefit of a beneficiary, particularly if the beneficiary does not have the legal capacity to handle their own affairs. A Special Needs Trust can sometimes also be known as a Supplemental Needs Trust.

Amy Mello Law can provide assistance to clients who are seeking to create and maintain Special Need Trusts. It is important to work with an experienced attorney who can represent you with this type of Trust. Please contact Amy Mello Law to request a consultation to discuss any issues relating to establishing Special Need Trusts.