Business Organization

If you are in need of legal assistance and representation in the area of Business Organization, look no further than Amy Mello Law. One of the keys to establishing a successful business is in choosing the correct business structure.

The structure that you choose for your business in Massachusetts or Rhode Island will have an impact on essential areas, such as tax liabilities, management and overall liabilities for the day-to-day operation and ongoing growth of your organization.

Over a decade of experience

Amy Mello has over a decade of experience working with Business Organization and can assist business owners and start-up entrepreneurs in the selection of legal business formation today and ongoing business needs in the future. Whether you require the formation of Partnerships, such as Limited Partnerships (LP) or Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP), Sole Proprietorships, Nonprofit Organizations or a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Amy Mello Law can represent you in this area.

It is important to choose an experienced attorney who can represent you in all areas of Business Organization in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Please contact Amy Mello Law to request a consultation to discuss any issues relating to Business Organization law.