Conservatorships & Guardianships

conservatorshipAmy Mello has over a decade of experience working with Conservatorships & Guardianships.

We can help you with Conservatorships & Guardianships for a loved one who needs help making health decisions or assistance with finances due to mental illness or a declining competency due to an illness.

  • A Conservatorship is when a legal Conservator is appointed by the court to manage the estate, which includes assets and income, for the incapacitated person, or person to be protected. The Conservator does not have the authority to make any health or other related personal decisions for the individual. If these decisions are required, a legal Guardian would be appointed by the court for this purpose.
  • A Guardianship is when a legal Guardian is appointed by the court to assist in the management of the incapacitated person’s health and welfare. The Guardian does not have the authority to make any decisions with regard to finances. So if the estate meets a certain criteria, a separate Conservatorship may be required.

Amy Mello Law can assist clients in Massachusetts and Rhode Island with petitioning the court, attending court hearings and working with any appointed counsel for the incapacitated person. We can also assist the Guardian or the Conservator in understanding what their duties and limitations are as appointed representatives of the individual. Please contact Amy Mello Law to request a consultation to discuss any issues relating to Conservatorships & Guardianships.