MassHealth Long-Term Care Applications

Long-term health care can quickly become a serious financial burden for many seniors in Massachusetts, as rising costs can easily be six figures annually for basic nursing facility costs. Very few residents are able to cover the costs for private nursing facilities.

MassHealth is Medicaid in Massachusetts, and it helps to support these costs. Filling out the application for MassHealth Long-Term Care can be frustrating for many individuals and their families, as qualifying for these important benefits requires the applicants to meet strict guidelines with regard to income and assets.

Estate Planning Services

It is highly recommended that Massachusetts residents seek out estate planning services through an experienced attorney to ensure that they qualify for assistance. The law allows for several practices to be employed to help protect a senior’s home to help them qualify for government medical assistance, while still allowing them to live in their own home and pass the property on to loved ones when they are gone. Some strategies can be used to help arrange other assets to protect them from being absorbed by nursing home costs, while qualifying for MassHealth or Medicaid assistance, without having to lose their entire life’s savings.

It is important to work with an attorney who is experienced in the area of MassHealth Long-Term Care Applications that can help you to protect your assets and improve your quality of life. Contact Amy Mello Law tp request a consultation to discuss issues regarding MassHealth Long-Term Care Applications and other related concerns.